Five Decorating Ideas For Children’s Rooms

Children’s rooms are the most fun to decorate. You can really let go and run wild with your imagination when you are decorating for a child. It is always fun to involve the child as well. Allow the children to give their thoughts and ideas of what they want their room to be like. This can be a great bonding experience for parents and children. MÃ¥larbilder djur

A princess room is perfect for a little girl. Pink and purple walls are perfect for a princess room. A pretend crystal chandelier hanging from a light fixture will give the room that extra touch, making it look like a royal palace. When creating a princess room royal bed linens are in order. Linens made of satin and lace fit perfectly into any princess room.

For boys dinosaurs are adventurous. For a dinosaur room try painting the walls in prehistoric colors! Tans and other earth tones work great in dinosaur bedrooms. You might be able to find some fun dinosaur stencils to paint colorful dinosaurs on the walls. If you can’t find stencils don’t worry. Photographs and posters of dinosaurs work well too!

You might want to try to create a game room for your child. Start by painting each wall a different primary color. Next Glue the pieces on to several different board games. These will become art and you can hang them on the child’s walls. Just be sure to buy new games, your child may be disappointed if they can no longer play their favorite game.

Teenagers seem to enjoy rooms that are as colorful as they are. Try decorating their room with old records. You can hang the album covers on the walls. You can also create privacy curtains out of old vinyl records. You can add some cool lights to the room and maybe even a disco ball decoration. You’ll get the satisfaction of being the coolest parent on the block. At least for a day!

For a child who enjoys a room that is a little more peaceful, try a beach themed room. Light blue or green walls will create a serene effect. White bed linens will make your child think that they are sleeping on the clouds! Try a neutral color rug in the room to give it more or a cozy feel. If you wanted to add a little flare you might try hanging a surfboard on the wall. A few large potted plants will make the room feel as if you have brought the outdoors in.

Remember when decorating a child’s room that it is important to be practical. Use rugs to cover areas of the floor that tend to get dirty easily. Place a wastebasket in the room and let the child be responsible for emptying it on trash day. Shelving can be helpful in children’s rooms as well, since children tend to collect a lot of trinkets. The shelves will help to keep their treasures off the floor and will give the child a place to display their most prized possessions.

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