Homework Battles

Most parents agree that some homework is necessary and appropriate for their child to do in order to succeed academically. Many parents, however, struggle with this one question:

“Homework- What is the parent’s role?”

To answer this question, this article was written to help you explore and develop a parenting homework philosophy. Without a parenting homework philosophy or a developed belief system in regards to this topic, you may find yourself floating at sea with no predictable hope of reaching a destination. do my homework for me

Tough Homework Help Questions

Is Homework Important?

Yes! Many educators will share with you that homework is important because it helps the student practice what they have learned in class that particular day. They will also share with you that homework, done properly, will allow the student to have a better chance to score well on a test or successfully complete an assigned project. These are the obvious answers to our first question. Here are some other thoughts to consider regarding the value of homework:


    • o Homework teaches time management. Children who are assigned homework are often given a specific time to start and end a task. This helps children to learn how to meet deadlines and plan ahead. o Homework teaches responsibility. Children who are held accountable at an early age to complete age appropriate task learn to become comfortable with responsibility. o Homework teaches determination. Children who become determined and self-motivated are more likely to stay and complete a task. This often leads a child to character traits.



Homework builds character. Allowing your child to take responsibility for doing chores, setting goals, sharing feelings, asking question and yes, doing his or her own homework, builds and shapes character and personality. Homework provides your child with a chance to succeed and fail. Personal character is built by having an opportunity to succeed and/or fail. By the way, failure is not bad. Failure gives us another opportunity to SUCCEED! Once a child succeeds, he or she develops become encouraged. This encouragement leads to the development of your child’s positive self-esteem.

Who’s Responsible For The Homework?

Ultimately, the child is responsible for his or her homework. When parents assume ownership of homework, children will most often allow, and then become dependent, on the parent to do most of their assigned work. This same dependency may develop with chores, time management, activities and other areas that are important in a child’s overall development.

What Are My Parenting Responsibilities?

Depending on the age, grade and learning ability level of your child, homework parenting responsibilities will vary. Most teachers, at every grade level, are willing to help parents answer this question.

Before school begins, hold a discussion with your child and come up with a homework plan. Unless you child has special education needs, your child should be able to do the following:


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