How to Look For a Plastic Surgeon Who is Good For You

In today’s world, where looks matter and beauty the biggest business of all, cosmetic surgery is becoming a greater rage. In this scenario, gullible potential patients are a Plastic Surgeon’s delight, and it is absolutely essential to be sure that the Plastic Surgeon you are talking with is the right one for you.

There are few Yes’s and some No’s when we come to decide about our Plastic Surgeon. In my view the most important thing is, how comfortable do you feel in the presence of your doctor. Even a hint of feeling a bit unsure or uncomfortable, should caution you into either discussing your issue in greater detail, or to seek a second opinion. After all it is your life at stake. If your surgeon is reluctant to answer your queries, however long it takes, think again. Having said that it is important to remember that surgeons are busy people and often find it irritating to repeat the same thing again, so never try to fool your surgeon into believing that you know nothing about the procedure, and try to take out information from him. That is the biggest put off for any plastic surgeon.

Do not think that a Plastic Surgeon who advertises the most is the best. There may be a young Plastic surgeon, who is starting out, and is not so good at advertising, but is very good professionally. So keep this in mind. Make sure, you meet your Surgeon, and not some of his assistants. A surgeon who has no time for you in the preoperative consultation, will never have time for you after surgery.

Though experience is a major issue, it is also the training and the confidence of the surgeon which are important. No Plastic Surgeon should mind, if you gently ask about his previous patients, his training and how he rates himself at that particular surgery. An issue here is that of patient privacy. Some Surgeons may not be comfortable in sharing patient photographs with you, but it is better to discuss the surgical process and the expected results on paper with him. facial plastic surgeon in Newburgh, NY

A Surgeon who is cheap, is often not the best choice, nor is the converse true. Often celebrity surgeons are not the best in the trade, they are just famous, and may not be able to give you the result that you desire. Thus the key is the manner in which your Surgeon shows his confidence in discussing the problem and how he feels he can tackle any complication, should it occur.

A Plastic Surgeon who suggests procedures for you, even without you asking, may not be the greatest choice. Do not be led away, by all what he says. It is your body, and you know it the best. So take a focussed decision before consultation as to the problems, and if your Surgeon insists on additional procedures, in spite of you not wanting them, think again about the credibility of that Surgeon. However, on occasions, do some research on what he suggests, there may actually be some scientific and not just commercial sense in what he is suggesting.

About Me Dr Amit Gupta is a Plastic Surgeon from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, who has specialized in the fields of Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgery, Microfollicular Hair Transplant, and Lasers. He was awarded with Gold Medal during his training for his academic days, Dr Amit Gupta joined the superspeciality Course of Plastic Surgery at Maulana Azad Medical College which he cleared in 2007 in his attempt. During his training he underwent training in Burns Trauma Management Cancer and Microvascular Surgery Reconstructive and Congenital Defect Correction Surgery. He then pursued specialized fellowships in Cosmetic Surgery in Belgium (Europe) and Brazil. He has trained with Dr Patrick Tonnard in Belgium where he was trained in MACS Lift Surgery which is the most current development in the field of Facial Rejuvenative Surgery in Europe. He then pursued fellowships in Cosmetic Surgery in Brazil where he trained with the likes of Dr Ruth Graf and Dr Ana Zulmira who are regarded as icons in Cosmetic Surgery.

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