Your New TV Can Now Watch You and Listen to You

If ever there was a time to worry about your privacy being invaded, that time is now.

I doubt if most people are aware that their new Samsung 2012 top of the line plasmas and LED HDTVs have a built-in, internally wired HD camera, twin microphones, face tracking, and speech recognition features that can’t be disconnected. best spy gps tracker for android 

There is no on/off switch or even a red light that warns you that you are being watched. These TVs not only recognize you and your family, they also recognize and log anyone who comes to visit you.

Previous TVs come with cameras and microphones as add-on accessories connected by a single, easily removable USB cable, and are able to be disconnected. These new TVs don’t allow you to unplug these sensors or physically disconnect them and there is nothing like a red light to warn you that the microphones are picking up your voice and the camera is recording everything that you do.

That only thing that Samsung’s technology allows you to do is to manually reposition the TV’s camera away from the viewers so that it points up at the ceiling.

Now, picture this (literally): You and your significant other are sitting on the couch watching TV and snuggling. You aren’t even thinking about the camera watching the two of you making love and you aren’t thinking about the twin microphones picking up your conversation. You don’t even think about manually repositioning the camera or going into another room to escape the camera and microphones.

And if you have personal documents that are lying around, the camera is looking at them and logging them. If your credit cards are in sight, the account numbers are there, too. Your bank statements are also being looked at. Everything within range of the TV camera and microphones can be seen and heard.

Samsung is taking no responsibility for this invasion of your privacy. If your records are hacked, it’s too bad. If your personal information ends up going viral on the Internet or gets into the wrong hands, you should have known better. If your information is sold to companies without your knowledge or consent, don’t blame Samsung. If the government gets hold of your personal information and uses it to issue a warrant for your arrest, again, it’s your tough luck. In other words, the old caveat still applies: Let the buyer beware.

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