Best Practices For Computer Forensics

Computer forensics, always an integral part of the crime investigation when someone wants to investigate some specific type of crimes those are consider illegal by the court of law. To handle the computer based crimes, the investigator always wants to use the best tools and techniques to meet the present requirement of the crime. Due to advancement of the technological knowledge of computer forensics experts as well as hackers have a lot of knowledge about enhance the security and break the secured networks respectively.

In this regard, the investigator always tries use the latest information to handle with the cyber crimes. Every computer forensics examiner always attach with the world of internet to learn latest techniques to decrease the rate of computer based crimes in a particular area or through out the world.

There are lot of best practices, those are used by computer forensics experts, are given below


  • Don’t examine the original file, copy the original file and examine the copied file only to protect the original evidences.
  • Proficiency standard should minimum to meet the minimum requirements of examination of the some specific facts and fingers.
  • The results of the examination should be reviewed by authority member and peer groups to remove the error to increase efficiency of the results.
  • To check examine the software as well as hardware to insure the produced information’s reliability.
  • Investigator always uses the highest ethical standards and keep objective in his/her mind.
  • Investigator should have proper know of law and court restrictions about a particular examination


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