Compression Shirts – Leading Athletic Clothing

The latest in athletic shirts is the “compression shirt”.

Compression garments are form-fitting undergarments worn by athletes. They are often made from a spandex-type material, similar to cycling apparel.

The traditional use for compression clothing was to treat patients of thrombosis or poor blood circulation. Some scientists were curious and asked ‘if it can be used for this purpose what else could it be used for?’

Experiments were performed with clothing for the athlete. This showed that the clothing helped them to maintain their power output during their choice of sport. The main factor was they were able to resist fatigue.

A big advantage to using compression shirts is that athletes have been able to maintain their power output during their given sport. The garments are seen to actually slow down the fatigue factor.

These amazing shirts soak up sweat without giving any cold feeling to the athlete and also decrease harmful UV rays. Mens compression pants

Benefits of Compression Clothing

* Keeps the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain

* Increases muscular strength and endurance

* Decreases recovery time

* Prevents chaffing and rashes

* Reduces fatigue

* Wicks sweat away from the body

Almost all compression garments are manufactured from fine denier yarns produced from blends of polyester and elastane. A relatively large degree of elastane is used to achieve maximum compression.

High quality yarns are used so that the garments do not stretch out of shape after repeated wear and laundering.

Some brands base the fit of their compression wear on conventional sizes – small, medium and large. Other companies base their garments on BMI (body mass index) to get optimum compression.


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