Tips on Serious Skincare

If you really want hypoallergenic skincare, you have to look for a company that cares about your skin’s health and that’s not going to be a cosmetic company or a pharmaceutical giant. The number of paraben-free skincare products is growing, but cosmetic companies are still trying to “cheat” by simply using a different artificial preservative. buy cbd skincare

We believe the lies the giants tell us because their marketing campaigns are so convincing. If it were not for organizations like the Environmental Working Group (EWG), we wouldn’t know about all of the contaminants, toxins and carcinogens found in the brands we thought we could trust. According to the group, here are a few things to look out for.


If you want hypoallergenic skincare and sunburn protection, choose a broad-spectrum sun-block containing zinc oxide. Avoid oxybenzone and benzophenone because researchers believe that they are probably carcinogens. I have seen these ingredients even in paraben-free skincare lotions with a SPF rating. You’d think if a company was going to protect you from one health hazard, they would protect you from others, but that’s not always the case.


Petrolatum, a byproduct created by gasoline refineries, has been the work-horse of the cosmetic industry for over 100 years. The EWG says that petrolatum, mineral oil and other petroleum derivatives often contain cancer-causing contaminants such as benzene.

So, even if it’s a paraben-free skincare moisturizer, don’t buy it if it contains petrolatum. Instead, look for grape seed and other vegetable oils that are more compatible with the skin and less likely to be contaminated. Also, try to find a manufacturer that tests each batch for contamination as well as all of the source ingredients that they use.


One of the best hypoallergenic skincare cleansers contains manuka honey because of its antibacterial activity. The average products, including some paraben-free skincare lines, contain triclosan. Triclosan is a possible human carcinogen and is also damaging to the environment.

Anti-aging Hypoallergenic Skincare

Lanolin, which is extracted from sheep’s wool, has long been recommended for dry damaged skin and also because it is hypo-allergenic. A company in New Zealand has learned that lanolin contains a form of the protein keratin that is very similar to the skin’s own keratins. Lanolin is good, but it’s not an effective anti-aging product. But the protein keratin is effective when extracted carefully, so that it remains active.

Clinical studies have shown that paraben-free skincare creams containing this type of keratin (referred to as “functional”) increase the production of new skin cells and fibers while reducing inflammation and healing damaged cells.

It may also reduce your risk of skin-cancer because of its antioxidant activity. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from doing the damage that causes wrinkling, sagging and cancerous growths.

Nature has provided everything that we needed for beautiful skin. We just had to learn how to “get to it”. Thanks to the New Zealand Company, because we now have hypoallergenic skincare that will help us look longer for the rest of our lives.


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